Play With Me: Developmental Milestone for Play in A Child

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Ketahui development milestone for play pada anak sesuai dengan usia buah hati.


At 3 Months

I like to put things in my mouth, so keeping things clean becomes even more important. I like battling at things hung from a mobile


At 6 Months

I roll from my back to my stomach. I hold onto an object with one hand and then put it in the other hand. I grab for an object when it drops


At 9 Months

I poke my fingers into holes or into anything that looks interesting. I pick up small things with my first finger and thumb, and larger things with both hands. I try to build towers with blocks or toys


At 12 Months

I hold things with one hand while I’m doing something else with the other hand. I use my hands to remove lids from jars. I use my index finger to point to things


At 18 Months

I like playing with stacking toys. I may be able to string large, coloured beads. I like pushing wheel toys and larger toy boxes and other things around the floor


At 24 Months

I like to play simple chase games. I like to take things apart and put them together. I can stack five rings on a peg

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